Company Event

Germany Customers visited our company


On November 13, 2017, a delegation of Ulrich, a well-known American pharmaceutical company, visited our factory to discuss and cooperate with us.
Chen Xiaoying, the legal representative of our company and general manager of the company, expressed warm welcome to the US foreign businessmen who came to our company for a long time, and exchanged opinions on the situation of medical equipment at home and abroad, enterprise development and production and operation.
Then, the reception team of our company led the foreign businessmen to visit the company's production workshop. After careful inspection, foreign investors carefully asked about the current status of our company's current technology and production products, and proposed a long-term cooperation with our company in the next step, and proposed a preliminary planning route. I hope that our company can strengthen exchanges with its company. Through on-site inspection of the company's products and production, the Ulrich team gave high recognition to the overall strength of our company, and hopes to start cooperation as soon as possible after returning to China.
Through this foreign company visit, the company not only enhanced the customer's confidence in the Kangkang brand, but also enabled the customer to have a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the product characteristics and comprehensive strength of our factory, laying a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation. basis. It also marks another step in our overseas market.